Frequently Asked Questions
How do I view my coverage details and increase or decrease my coverage as needed?
To view your coverage details, go to the plans tab and select the plan you’d like to see. Then, select “Manage My Plan.” On this page, you will see your coverage details, as well as links to forms to help you to increase or decrease coverage as desired.
How do I see my current beneficiary details and/or make changes?
To verify your beneficiary information, you can contact WAEPA Member Services at (800) 368-3484. To change your beneficiary, navigate to the profile tab, where you will see a beneficiary details tab. In the tab, click the “Change Your Beneficiary” button, and you’ll be taken to a DocuSign to fill out details in order to change your beneficiary.
How to obtain a copy of policy documents?
To obtain a copy of policy documents, go to the message center and create a new message. Select the topic to be “My Policy” and input this message “Hello! I would like to request a copy of my policy documents for my (Group Term Life / Short Term Disability Insurance) policy. Please mail them to this address: “
How to add a dependent to my coverage?
  1. To add a dependent to your coverage plan, if you currently don't have any, please start with selecting the plan you would like to add dependent to. From there, select "Manage My Plan" and follow the link titled "Increase Coverage” This will take you to a form to fill out to add dependents and dependent coverage to your plan.

  2. To add a dependent to your coverage if you already have dependents, select the Dependent Coverage tab on the plan you would like to add a dependent to in the plans tab, then select “Manage My Plan” in the plan page. Select “Add A Dependent”, which will take you to an application that will capture the dependent information.
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